From the Club Archives....

Special General Meeting Update

A Special General Meeting of the WCC was held at the Fort Rouge Leisure Centre at 625 Osborne St.  The purpose of this meeting was to discuss and vote on a proposed resolution to terminate the Club's Affiliation with the MCA. There was a brief presentation from MCA Executive Director Twila Cruickshank. 

However, with only 21 WCC Members in attendance, and 6 proxy votes, less than 40% of the Club's membership was represented. Based on that, the Executive opted to withdraw the proposed motion, and no vote was called.

The WCC will continue its Affiliation with the MCA.  Minutes of the SGM will be published when they are ready.

Volunteer Appreciation Night

24 of our 2018 volunteers and their guests got together to enjoy a terrific dinner at Santa Lucia on Corydon.  The Club appreciates all the work that our volunteers do to make the Club run. A big "Thank You" to Rosemarie K for her work in organizing this, and congrats to all the staff at Santa Lucia! To see the rest of the photos, click on the VAN link from the Photos 2018 gallery.