Club-Branded Apparel

Based on the survey, the available products are WCC-branded Jersey, Jacket, Short and Cap. Final prices are on the higher end, due to not meeting the minimum required for a lower price. Please read carefully:

  • Closing date for ordering is Monday April 22; it will take another 4 weeks to receive the order
  • Once you have placed an order, NO changes are permitted, and NO refunds
  • Final prices are as listed on the LG boutique PLUS an additional $5 packing charge PLUS taxes
  • If you can place an order for yourself and someone else too, you only pay the $5 once
  • Please review your order CAREFULLY before paying


Based on the survey, we expect to reach the minimum order amounts. However, if you responded YES on the survey, but have now decided not to order, please let us know immediately.  If we don't reach the minimum amounts, the Club will need to absorb the extra costs. 


The Executive welcomes new 2019 Members Guy C, Terry C, Louis D, Cheri-Anne F, Chris H, Brian H, Tom J, Lloyd T and Bjorn V to the Winnipeg Cycling Club.  We thank you for your support, and look forward to riding with you! 

WCC on Meetup

We are pleased to announce that the WCC is now on The Executive chose this platform to give us a presence on social media and encourage membership in our Club. MeetUp offers features such as electronic RSVP and automatic email notifications, as well as event listings, photos, information pages and forums. We will operate both our existing website and our new Meetup site to evaluate the best way forward for the Club. For 2019, joining Meetup remains optional; however, we encourage all Members to consider joining to see how it works and the advantages it offers. 

You must join the WCC first before you can join Meetup; go to Register as a Member Now under the Membership tab for details.

2019 Member Registration

Member Registration opened March 20, 2019 with Cycle Component Network [CCN] as our online service provider. There are fee increases for 2019: WCC $32 [fees included]; MCA $54 [fees extra: $4.95 processing + $2.95 GST]. Total costs: Non-Riding $32; Full $93.90. Digital MCA License cards are included; physical cards cost an extra $5.

For all the details, or to start your 2019 Membership Registration, go to the WCC website and the Register as a Member Now page.  If you need assistance, please telephone CCN toll-free at 1.866.534.2453.