All Members should join MeetUp after completing their WCC-MCA Registration.  Those using mobile devices should also download the free MeetUp app to enhance its use. 

Find the WCC MeetUp page [searching “Winnipeg Cycling MeetUp” works], then click  REQUEST TO JOIN . You will be asked 2 questions; the second will require that you enter your CCN 6-digit Order Number.  This number is displayed in two places - on the website WCC Member List, and in your CCN Receipt email sent from

After joining, please write down your MeetUp Email address and Password for future reference; we also strongly recommend that you change the Email Settings, as the MeetUp defaults generate a high volume of email traffic.

The WCC MeetUp site has the same ride and event listings as the website; it also offers electronic RSVP and G-Mapped Meet Points.  Members are encouraged to share the MeetUp link with friends and family who might be interested in joining the WCC, our city's oldest recreational cycling club.

Members may use MeetUp to RSVP for rides and events designated RSVP MANDATORY.  Its easy – just LogOn to MeetUp then select the blue  ATTEND  or checkmark button for the desired ride or event.  The Ride Leader ["Host" on MeetUp] receives these RSVPs via email. 

Please note that the three existing RSVP methods – telephone, text message, email – remain in effect; MeetUp simply gives Members a fourth option to send RSVPs.  Members who so choose may also use MeetUp to RSVP for non-RSVP events, but this remains completely optional.