The Winnipeg Cycling Club is a safety-first club. We work to ensure our rides are safety-minded and that you, as a Club Member, help to create a safe environment for yourself and fellow riders.

While the WCC emphasizes safety, the fact is that accidents can and do occur. That is why the purchase of a Manitoba Cycling Association [MCA] General License is mandatory - to provide insurance coverage for Members at sanctioned Club rides and events. This insurance is made available through the national insurance program of the Canadian Cycling Association [CCA], to which the MCA and WCC are affiliated.

The CCA policy is through Holman Insurance Brokers, and CCA has created an information website at This site provides basic insurance and coverage information and hopefully answers your questions about the policy. For additional information, you may contact Holman Insurance directly. 

Members are also requested to read and familiarize themselves with the Risk Management and Cyclist Responsibility Code documents on the WCC website, in order to gain a better understanding of their role in ride safety and etiquette.