Cycling Insurance

The Winnipeg Cycling Club is a safety-first club. We strive to ensure our rides are safety-oriented, and that Club Members contribute to the overall safety environment. However, accidents can and do occur. That is why the purchase of an MCA License is mandatory– it includes the Cycling Canada [CC] insurance package. Their website at www.cyclinginsurance.cashould answer most questions on this policy; those wanting further information or clarification should contact Holman Insurance directly.

Essential information you should be aware of:

  • CC Insurance is in effect at all Club rides and events;
  • CC Insurance coverage is “secondary to all other health plans” but may function as “top-up” insurance;
  • The Sports Accident insurance covers Members suffering a qualifying injury; 
  • The General Liability insurance protects Members from third-part liability claims
  • CC Insurance offers optional coverage including personal cycling coverage, bicycle insurance andpreferred home/auto rates;
  • Membership Waivers protect CC, MCA, and WCC Members against intra-organizational legal action and/or claims. 


All WCC Members shall read and familiarize themselves with the CCA Risk Managementand WCC Cyclist Responsibility Code published on the WCC website; these documents offer detailed information on responsibilities, ride safety and ride etiquette.

DISCLAIMER: This summary was compiled for the benefit of Members of the Winnipeg Cycling Club (1988) Incorporated, which accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented herein. Actual coverage may vary. All decisions relating to insurance coverage, eligibility and applicability are the sole responsibility of Cycling Canada and the insurers involved.