Club History

The first version of today’s Club was called the Winnipeg Cycletouring Club, conceived in 1983 by two young students, Chris Miles and Bernie Narvey. The idea started with Chris, after he participated in a 25-day supported tour from Missoula, MT to Jasper, AB in the summer of 1982. Chris enjoyed this immensely and brought the idea back to Winnipeg to share with his friend Bernie, and in the months that followed, the two made plans for a cycletouring club. During the winter of 1983, Bernie created a poster of Albert Einstein riding a bicycle, with the theme "Expand Your Universe". The poster did the trick, and they starting getting phone calls from other interested cyclists.

That first year saw the creation of the Winnipeg Cycletouring Club [WCTC] and a membership of about 45, with 15-20 hardcore Members who rode on a regular basis. Original Members included Chris (the first President), Bernie, Wendy Lipinski, Jim Braun, Sherman Himelblau, Howard Skrynyk, and Cathie Morrison.  The Wednesday Evening Rides also began in that inaugural year, with the Legislative Buildings on Broadway chosen as the starting point due to its central location. The first public event for the WCTC was National Bicycle Day on May 22, 1983. In Year 1, four road tours were held; these included a 3-day weekend tour from Winnipeg to the Whiteshell, and a tour in Riding Mountain National Park. At year-end, the Club held its first social function to commemorate their successes.

Chris Miles left Winnipeg in late 1983 to pursue a career in Toronto, with Bernie Narvey stepping in as President, an office he held until 1986. Eventually Chris returned to Winnipeg to run a computer consulting business; Bernie still resides here and works in the local film industry. 

Thanks to our founders, and the spirited dedication of many volunteers over the years, the Club carries on. In 2011, it was renamed the Winnipeg Cycling Club. As interest in cycling has grown world-wide, so our Club continues to evolve.