D A Y R I D E S 

Start Time 10AM [12 Noon in April & September]

Weekend Dayrides are of varying length and difficulty, and are designed for fit and experienced cyclists, and are therefore not suitable for Beginners or Novices. 

The Meet Points are both within Winnipeg and at various locations outside city limits. Weekend Dayrides are a great way to join a group of like-minded cyclists and enjoy the rural roads, rugged trails and gravel roads of Friendly Manitoba.

Most Dayrides take place on Saturdays, although there are some Sunday rides each year. 

While most Weekend Dayrides are Road rides, there are also some Off-Road Dayrides each year. On those dates where an Off-Road ride is planned, an alternative Road ride will also be scheduled, resources permitting.

The term "dayride" indicates that the ride starts and ends on the same day, as opposed to a "multi-day ride" or "tour", which span more than a single day and require overnight stays away from home.