Try-Out Rides allow non-Members and Limited Members to ride with the Club, free of charge, before deciding to join or upgrade their Membership. Try-Out rides are limited to one ride per person, per year, in accordance with our insurance regulations. Try-Out participants get to experience an organized Club ride and cycle with Club Members.  

Our Wednesday evening Cycle-in-the-City ride is a good fit for most of our Try-Out riders, being rated at the R0 BEGINNER level. However, if you are an experienced cyclist, you may be permitted to Try-Out one of our Monday rides. 

  • To participate in our entry-level Wednesday ride, you must be able to cycle the stated Distance [20-30K], and maintain speeds of at least 18-22 KM/H
  • To participate in a Monday ride, you must be able to cycle the stated Distance [40K], and maintain speeds of at least 22-28 KM/H. All other rides on the Club Schedule incorporate longer distances and faster speeds
  • To participate in any Club ride, you must have a bicycle appropriate to the selected ride, well maintained and in good operating condition


Try-Out applicants are asked to review the Ride Ratings to ensure the requested ride is appropriate for their equipment, skill, and experience level. For those interested in joining a Try-Out Ride:

  1. You must sign-up in advance; email and provide your name, telephone, email address and requested Wednesday ride date, or specify if a Monday ride is being requested; 
  2. A WCC representative will contact the applicant to advise on ride availability [space is limited], suitability [based on applicant skills and experience], essential ride information, and how to obtain the necessary Waiver form;
  3. Applicants shall print, read and sign the Waiver Form, and bring it with them to the ride;
  4. Applicants shall arrive at the Meet Point as directed and identify yourself to the Ride Leader;
  5. Applicants must bring the signed Waiver Form with them, or they cannot ride.


For the ride:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the published Start Time
  • Ensure your bike is in good repair
  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Carry water on all rides
  • Obey all traffic rules
  • Approved bike Helmets are mandatory; No Helmet - No Ride - No Exception!