Ride Ratings

Ride Ratings are designed to indicate a given ride’s suitability for level of fitness, ability and interest. Individual Ride Ratings are published in the Calendar and Ride Library.


R0 - BEGINNER: Distance less than 30K; Slow pace, 18-22 KPH; Duration 1.5 - 2.5H. Suitable for new riders with basic riding skills; ideal setting to become comfortable in a group riding environment. 

R1 - NOVICE: Distance 30-50K; Moderate pace 20-26 KPH; Flat terrain, few hills. Suitable for novice cyclists seeking to improve their riding skills.

R2 - INTERMEDIATE: Distance 40-60K; Faster pace 24-28 KPH; Possibly more hills. Suitable for more experienced cyclists wanting to improve their fitness and riding skills.

R3 - EXPERT: Distance 60K+; Steady pace 25-30 KPH; Fewer stops; more climbs. Suitable only for experienced and fit cyclists.


T0 - BEGINNER: Easy trails on gravel or dirt; short distance and duration. Suitable for first-time off-roaders.

T1 - NOVICE: Flat terrain or small hills; gravel roads or dirt trails; relatively smooth surface; short distance. Suitable for novice cyclists with basic off-road skills.

T2 - INTERMEDIATE: Mixed terrain; steeper hills; some soft surfaces; medium distance. Suitable for more experienced cyclists with above-average off-road skills and fitness levels.

T3 - EXPERT: Single track; rock or soft surfaces; gravel road/trails often with steep hills; challenging terrain, longer distance. Suitable only for experienced and fit cyclists with advanced off-road skills.