FAQs - Club Rides

Where does the WCC ride?
Most of our rides occur in and around the city of Winnipeg. Out-of-town rides have been held as far east as Whiteshell Provincial Park, and as far west as Riding Mountain National Park.

Where do your rides start?
Most start points are inside Winnipeg, and vary for each ride.  Longer rides may have a start point outside the city in order to be closer to the ride locale. Unless otherwise stated, all rides return to the original start point.

How do I get to the Meet Point?
For rides within Winnipeg, some Club Members ride their bikes to the start point; however, the Club always tries to select start points where parking is available. For rides starting outside Winnipeg, most Members drive to the start point. Carpooling is encouraged.

Does the Club ride on paved roads, or trails? 
Both. We ride on city bike routes, city streets, secondary rural highways, gravel roads and trails in the countryside.

What time of the day are the rides?
Weekday evening rides start between 6 and 7 PM, while Weekend rides start between 10AM and noon. Start times vary based on several factors, including weather, time of year, and sunrise/sunset.

How fast do you ride? 
Our Wednesday rides average 18-20 KPH, while out-of-town speeds will range from 20 to over 30 KPH. Road rides are a faster pace than off-road/trail rides, where mountain bikes are best used and are slower depending on the terrain. All rides are affected by weather conditions; for example, strong winds can drastically speed up or slow down the ride.  See ride ratings for a detailed look at ride speeds and distances.

What distances are involved?
Distance varies for each ride: Wednesdays are 20-30K, Mondays are 40K, and Weekends 50-100K long; ride durations are from 1 1/2 to 5 hours.

Do you stop for a snack or to eat?
On shorter city rides, we usually do not stop to eat during the ride, although the ride participants may stop for a beverage after the ride.  On longer rides, we usually snack during a rest, regrouping or lunch break.

Do you stop for breaks? How often?
Yes. Frequency depends on type and length of the ride. Typically, the ride pauses at regroup points so that all riders stay together and on course. The group also obeys all traffic signs, which may involve multiple stops and starts on city streets. Off-road rides may involve several stops depending on the complexity of the route and the terrain. Longer out-of-town road rides typically have fewer stops due to increased distances and higher fitness levels of the riders. Depending on the length of the ride, a rest/snack break will be scheduled, such as the halfway/turnaround point.

Am I expected to come to all the Club rides?
No. Ride as often, or as little, as you choose.

Does the Club ride in all weather conditions?
No. The WCC does not ride in the rain; other weather factors [wind, temperature, humidity] will also influence riding decisions. During the ride season, scheduled rides will be modified or cancelled when conditions so require.

What If I have a problem with my bike? How do I get back?
It is the riders' responsibility to make their way back to the Meet Point, or home, if your bike cannot be fixed on-site. Most minor mechanical problems can be resolved when they occur. However, in the event of a major breakdown [drivetrain failure, cracked frame] a celphone call to a friend or relative may be required.  CAA now offers a Members' service that will either repair your bike or return you home. If all else fails, be prepared to pay for a taxi ride.