FAQs - Fitness

What kind of riders are in the Club? Are they all racers and/or experienced riders?
No. Our Members ride at many different levels, ranging from individuals that could probably race, or have in the past, to Members who consider 25K a major riding accomplishment. That is why WCC is a one-of-a-kind  - a club that provides a variety of rides to meet a wide spectrum of Member cycling skills and abilities.

I don't have cycling experience – what’s so complicated about riding a bike anyway?
Our rides are recreational, but the WCC is an organized club with rules to ensure safe riding in a group setting. Sure, you don't have to be a Tour de France racer, BUT you do have to be able to ride a bike well, and also be able to ride as part of a group. We do not require prior group riding experience or bike expertise. By joining the WCC, you will have the opportunity to acquire this knowledge over time.

How fit do I have to be?
At a minimum, you must be able to pedal a bike for about two hours at about 18-20 KPH.  This would include some rest stops up to five minutes in length.

I am a fast and experienced rider, can I still join your club?
Absolutely. Our schedule includes long, fast and challenging rides both on-road and off-road.

I don't think I will ever be able to ride 50K. Should I still join?
Plenty of our new Members have never ridden 50K at one time. But virtually all of them do that in their first season, progressing at their own pace from shorter to longer rides. Other Members prefer shorter rides, with just the occasional longer ride. Most Club Members also ride on their own, independently of Club rides. 

So its up to you. How much riding would you like to do? Many new Members find it useful to set goals during the ride season, and most make great progress. Anything is possible!

What if I can’t keep up, or get tired or can’t continue?
Generally, our Beginner-level Cycle in the City rides are doable by most, including those new to cycling. The speed and rest periods are paced so that almost everybody can complete the ride. On the other hand, some of our other rides can be pretty challenging, even for the most experienced cyclists. Each participant is responsible for ensuring they are in good health and have the fitness ability to participate in cycling. It is the responsibility of a ride participant to check the Ride Rating for the ride and if necessary, contact the Ride Leader to help assess if they have the requisite fitness and skill levels.

The WCC has a "NO-DROP" policy; on all rides, a “Sweep” is assigned as the last rider of the group to help those riders who may be lagging behind. For longer out-of-town rides, the group may stretch out as faster riders break away from the pack, but the Sweep will remain with slower riders. If, for whatever reason, a rider chooses to leave a ride before completion, he/she must inform the Ride Leader or Sweep, and they are no longer covered by WCC/MCA ride insurance when they leave the ride.