FAQs - Cycling Gear

What should I bring to the ride?
Your bike: Ensure that your bike is in good working condition.
Your helmet: Riders on WCC rides must wear an approved bike helmet.
Water: At least one bottle of water for short rides and two for out-of-town rides.
Tools: Members are responsible for their bike maintenance, and should carry tools and equipment to fix a flat. Other Members can assist with essential bike repairs on a Club ride.

If unfamiliar with bike maintenance, or in need of a refresh, the WCC holds how-to clinics, usually early in the ride season, to provide instruction on basic maintenance and repairs for your bike.

How much money do I have to spend to start riding? What do I need?
The initial requirements are a well-maintained bike and anapproved helmet. Most other gear is designed to make cycling more enjoyable and safe: Sunglasses shade your eyes, provide UV protection, and keep out dirt and bugs; Cycling gloves cushion the hands on the handlebars and provide injury protection in the event of a fall. Together with clipless pedals, cycling shoes, with stiffer soles than normal athletic footwear, are more comfortable and efficient while pedaling. Costs vary widely - from relatively inexpensive to pretty steep. There are hundreds of choices to meet any budget, preference, cycling need, and sometimes simply gotta-have-it! Ask an experienced Club Member for their opinion or guidance.

I don't like spandex cycling shorts. Do I have to wear them?
No. There are many options in cycling fashion today. Tops come in everything from racer aerodynamic form-fitting to commuter loose and casual. While thigh-length padded cycling shorts are common, shorts are also available in looser fitting styles or with coverups, and many include a removable padded insert to increase your riding comfort. Such inserts can also be purchased separately.

What type of bike should I buy?
Today’s equipment choices have grown exponentially - there are bikes to fit every style and type of rider. Club Members have a wealth of cycling knowledge and experience. Feel free to consult with other Members after you've joined to help you make the right choices for a bike upgrade, bike purchase, features, price and accessories. Our Members patronize many different Winnipeg bike shops; the WCC does not endorse any particular shop or equipment brand.

We generally recommend that Members new to cycling start with just a basic quality bike. Later, with more experience, knowledge, and advice, they'll be better able to make make informed decisions on how to spend their cycling dollars.

Should I bring money with me on rides?
Recommended. Some rides may include a lunch stop if you want to purchase food; most riders bring their snacks with them. And, if your bike breaks down, you may need cash for a taxi.