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2020 Member Registration is again available, and Cycle Component Network [CCN] is the service provider for this online purchase. 

REQUIREMENTS: All prospective Members must purchase both a WCC Individual Membership and an MCA General Non-Racing License, which includes Cycling Canada-sponsored insurance. The WCC no longer offers a "Non-Riding" membership option.

COSTS: The WCC 2020 Club Fee is reduced from $32 to $20. Other costs are the MCA License Fee [$60, set by the Manitoba Cycling Association], and online processing fees [$11.61, set by CCN].  The WCC has no input into, or control over, these third-party charges.  The total cost of membership for 2020 is $91.61.    

HOW-TO: All applicants must LogIn on CCN website and go through a series of webpages to complete their Registration. Returning Members will have previous years’ information displayed after LogIn; a Password Reset is available if needed. New Members must enter the required information and create a CCN account.

WAIVERS:  Completion of the Waivers, whether online or printed, is a mandatory requirement for membership in the WCC and MCA. Persons electing to not complete the Waivers, for any reason, will be deemed to have abandoned their application and will not be permitted to join the WCC or MCA.

PRIVACY: Applicants must select one of the three Privacy options for contact information and its publication in the Members List on the LogIn side of the WCC website. 

 To start your Membership registration, CLICK HERE 

   If you need assistance, please call 
 CCN toll-free at 1.866.534.2453   

[closed weekends and holidays]