FAQs - Membership

Is there a minimum age requirement to join the WCC?
Yes. Club policy requires a minimum age of 18 years to join.

Do I have to be a WCC Member to ride with the Club?
Yes. Participants on Club rides must be current Members of the Winnipeg Cycling Club (WCC), and must also have a valid Manitoba Cycling Association (MCA) Licence. However, interested non-Members can take advantage of our Try-Out ride program to see what we're about. See the Try-Out Ride tab for details.

Are female cyclists active in the WCC?
Absolutely. Our Membership averages 50% female each year, and women are active volunteers in all aspects of the Club, from committee work to Ride Leaders to the Executive. Female cyclists are regular participants on Club rides.

I’m a woman and I’m not sure if WCC is right for me. Are there female Members I can contact before signing up?
Yes there are. You can contact female Members of the Executive who would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. See Contacts for information. If you become a Member, you will discover that the WCC is a friendly group. New Members are encouraged to discuss any concerns with other Members to gain a better understanding.

How much does it cost to join the Club?
Our Club Fee can vary year-to-year; the current Fee is published each spring under the Membership tab. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers; our Fee covers costs of administration and meetings. In addition to the Club Fee, WCC Members must purchase an MCA Licence; that Fee is set by the Manitoba Cycling Association.

Why do I need an MCA Licence?
Your MCA Licence [General, Non-Racing] provides insurance coverage for WCC-sanctioned rides and events. Online registration for both MCA & WCC is available; go to the Register Now tab under Membership. 

What is the age range of Club members?
Our largest age group is baby boomers, but we also have a good balance of enthusiastic younger riders. Remember that age is not a reliable indicator of cycling ability; fitness level is the key. In the WCC, our schedule builds from Spring through the Fall, with some rides becoming longer and more challenging as the ride season progresses.

What is the WCC policy on Membership refunds?
The WCC does not provide refunds on Winnipeg Cycling Club Fees. Questions on MCA refunds should be directed to Manitoba Cycling Association.