Monday   E V E N I N G S 

Start time:  6:30 PM [6:00 PM at beginning and end of ride season]

N O R T H S P O K E S:
This ride originates in north Winnipeg, following quiet roads enroute to Lockport. A scenic rural ride, Northspokes has a great and loyal group of riders. After a brief stop at the Halfmoon Café, the ride returns to the Start Point on Henderson Highway. A Road Ride most of the year, NORTHSPOKES often switches to a Off-Road in the Fall with a variety of interesting routes on trails and paths.

S O U T H S P O K E S:
This Road ride starts in south Winnipeg, following city roads south to St. Norbert, then along Red River Drive to Highway 75. The ride returns via the same route, travelling through St. Norbert and U of M back to the starting point. This is a great combined city-country ride, with light traffic south of the Perimeter Highway. Once the season has progressed, Southspokes has been known to get pretty intense for some of the riders!

Both NORTHSPOKES and SOUTHSPOKES start each year rated as R1 rides, then ramp up to the R2 level for the balance of the ride season.