Signing Up for Rides

Members are required to SignUp for those Weekend Dayrides identified as "Remote", plus any other Club ride and event where so specified. SignUp status for individual rides and events is included both in the Calendar and the Ride Library. 

 L O C A L   vs   R E M O T E 
Weekend Dayrides are identified as either LOCAL or REMOTE.

LOCAL Dayrides have a Meet Point inside the Perimeter Highway; SignUp for Local Dayrides is NOT required unless specifically stated. 

REMOTE Dayrides have a Meet Point outside the Perimeter Highway; SignUp for Remote Dayrides is Mandatory. The Ride Leader will provide required additional ride information directly to participants. 

  S I G N - U P   
The normal cutoff for ride SignUp is 12 hours prior to the ride Start Time. Riders must notify the Ride Leader of their participation via one of phone, text message or email. For some rides, the Ride Leader may choose to revise either the SignUp cutoff [ie for an out-of-town Meet Point], or the contact method [ie no email at the ride location]. Revisions to SignUp procedures will be published on the website. 

 R I D E   C H A N G E S 
Ride changes for LOCAL Dayrides are handled the same as other Club rides. For REMOTE Dayrides, the Ride Leader will pass ride changes directly to signed-up riders.