RSVP for Rides & Events

Club Rides and Events do not require Member sign-up unless they are identified as RSVP MANDATORY.  These are usually limited to social events and Weekend out-of-town rides.  

 How R S V P  displays on  C L U B   M E D I A
WCC Upcoming Rides & Events: The Event Type will include "RSVP" ie "Weekend Road RSVP" or "Social Event RSVP" 
Ride Library: Ride Guide will specify RSVP MANDATORY plus contact instructions.
Calendar: Description w
ill specify RSVP MANDATORY plus contact instructions 
MeetUp: Event Title will specify RSVP MANDATORY  

R S V P  P R O C E D U R E S     
The RSVP cutoff for rides is 12 hours prior to ride Start Time unless otherwise specified. Riders may contact the Ride Leader via phone, text message or email.  On occasion, a Ride Leader may have to revise either the RSVP cutoff [ie out-of-town Meet Point], or the RSVP contact method [ie no email at ride location]. Such revisions will be published on the website.

The RSVP cutoff for other Club events [social, meetings etc] shall be as specified in the related Club media ie poster, email etc.

Our MeetUp site is still under development.  Using the MeetUp "I WILL ATTEND" button does NOT qualify as an RSVP for a Club Ride or Event.

R S V P   R I D E S   -   C H A N G E S  or C A N C E L L A T I O N S  
For RSVP MANDATORY rides, the Ride Leader will phone or text Ride Changes or Cancellations directly to RSVP riders.